NOX-FILT 2.5 (PM2.5 pre-filter included)

NOX-FILT2.5 is an in-line Indoor Air Quality filter, designed to fit discreetly in to a ceiling void or cupboard space and work in conjunction with an MVHR ventilation system. It comes with a Carbon filter cell plus a PM2.5 filter for enhanced filtration of Particulate Matter up to 2.5 Microns, as well as up to 99.5% NO2 pollution that would otherwise enter the home. It is ideal for New Build construction Specification works.


Product Code NOX-FILT2.5
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  • Up to 99.5% NO2 filtration
  • Simple to replace, single carbon filter cartridge
  • Low resistance meaning ventilation systems are not affected
  • PM2.5 pre-filter offering increased Particulate Matter filtration
  • Low profile for space restrictions

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