HRX2D, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Unit

Whilst the HRX2D is easy and quick to install, commission and maintain, it also provides Specific Fan Powers as low as 0.57W/(l/s) and a high heat exchange efficiency up to 94%; lowering Dwelling Emission Rates for a higher SAP rating.

Offering control functions such as frost protection, temperature and humidity control, auto thermal bypass and independent fan speed control, the Bluebrain controller boasts a full complement of air quality and commissioning controls for improved air comfort.


Product Code HRX2D
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  • Extremely low Specific Fan Power, down to 0.57W/(l/s)
  • Bluebrain control optimises the unit’s functionality and performance
  • Heat exchange efficiency up to 94%
  • Fits inside a utility room or loft space
  • Ideal for larger developments, with a floor area up to 250m²

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