EasiPipe 125 Telescopic Assembly 0.25-0.45m Duct

EasiPipe Rigid Duct Telescopic Assembly 0.25-0.45m


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Telescopic Duct

Commonly used for installation between fans and grilles, Domus Telescopic Duct extends between 0.25-0.45m and is ideal for when extra duct length is required.

Technical Information

  • Domus EasiPipe 125 is suitable for Bathroom, Toilet, Utility room, Kitchen and Whole House applications.
  • Free Area 12,266mm2

  • Ideal for easy installation of ducting connecting to fans and grilles
  • Variable extension between 0.25-0.45m
  • Helps where building allowances have been unclear
  • Manufactured to exacting tolerances, which virtually eliminates air leakage and minimises pressure drop

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