EasiPipe 100 Rigid Duct Condensation Trap

Rigid Duct Condensation Trap with Overflow


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Condensation Duct Traps

Suitable with 100mm duct, As recommended by both Building Regulations and NHBC guidelines, Domus Condensation Duct Traps effectively remove the risk of condensation sitting in the unheated area of a duct run. The build up of water in a duct run will damage air quality. More dangerously, the water can drip back into an electrical appliance, causing an electrical or fire hazard.

The Domus condensation trap is easy to install by simply connecting to the system as part of the vertical duct run. An internal gutter within the trap collects the moisture and then drains it to the outside through a standard overflow pipe.

Domus Condensation Traps should be installed as low as possible, but high enough to maintain a fall on the overflow pipe.

Technical Information

  • Domus EasiPipe 100 is suitable Bathroom, Toilet and Utility room applications
  • Free Area 7,850mm2

  • Recommended by Building Regulations and NHBC guidelines
  • Effectively removes and drains condensation from unheated areas of a duct run
  • Prevents hazardous electrical and fire-risk situations from arising
  • Easy and quick to install

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