Aleksander Kasperek

Aleksander Kasperek

Tell us what you do at Domus! Your job title, region, area of expertise.

Technical Support & Development Engineer

I am based at the Head Office in Caerphilly and deal with the majority of our Aftersales care, including site visits. To ensure I can answer our customer enquires I need to really understand our products. Best way to do this? Pull them apart and put them back together again!


How long have you been working with us?  Almost two years.


What do you do in your spare time? I love to keep active! Personally, I love hill walking and mountain climbing and recently went to Russia to climb Mount Elbrus. There were two of us and it took 6 long days, with both of us suffering a little with altitude sickness. But the view at the top was so breath-taking I forgot about the 5 hard days of walking we’d had!


If you could work on any project, what would it be?  Mars colonisation.


What's been your favourite project so far?  Coming on board the Domus Ventilation team at a time where there was so much to do it’s been really rewarding to be so involved in changes and decisions that have taken place this last year.


Rugby or Football? Chess


It's your round with the team, tea, coffee or something stronger?  It’s got to be Finlandia flavoured vodka (my favourite is mango!)


If you could move your desk or your van anywhere in the world, where would you go?   Top of the world.


And though it's still a few months away - we want to know what would be your perfect gift this Christmas?  A smile!